Introduction to Content Marketing with MrDavinci

Content Marketing has always been an effective strategy for making money online. Blogging is an example of how to make money online. There are hundreds to thousands of people making a full time income by blogging alone. Here’s my suggestion before you decide to become a blogger you need to research your keyword aka niche by using either Google Keyword Planner ( Free just Google Google Keyword Planner create an account using an email of your choice ) The next tool you should use if you decide to blog is Google Trends. It’s no surprise that Google is by far the biggest search engine on the planet so it would only make sense that it would know what is trending ( this is another freebie just Google Google trends and sign up using the email of your choice ) Lastly before we move on blogging is fun and should be used as a long term strategy you have to provide vaule give helpful solutions or your own experience you will truly rise and your readers will appreciate you dearly for your honesty. Thank you for all my contiounious faithful readers & welcome all my new readers 👏 You can begin your own blog right here on WordPress since your reading on here it makes sense to create on here to go to ➡ to begin your own blog

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