EBay Arbitrage Make $$$ In Hours

Afternoon World,

MrDavinci here with a NEW opportunity for you to make $$$

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Originally started as an Experiment, this Proprietary Software has been Developed into a Slam Dunk Sidearm for Anyone who’s Serious about Cashing in on eBay Arbitrage! Just look at what you’ll find inside….

  • Image Zoom for Each and Every Listing.
  • Quick Item Descriptions without Opening the Entire Listing Page.
  • Sort Searches in Order within a Predefined Ending Time from 1 Hour to 1 Month.
  • One-Click Title Word Filtering – Add or Remove. All Listings are Covered From One.
  • Auction, Buy Now, Item Condition and Maximum Price Filtering.
  • Quick Link opens New Window to eBay to View Entire Listing.
  • One-Click Addition of Auctions to Separate”Watchlist” for Later Review and Sniping.
  • Total Value of Price + Shipping Shown Directly on Each Listing.
  • Shows Distance from Item by Zip Code.
  • Sort Order of Listings by Max/Min Pricing and Start/End Times.
  • One-Click, Unlimited Sniping (within just a few seconds of auctions end – faster than most paid services).
  • One-Click Buy Now when you Find Something You Want Right Away.
  • No Need to Gather and Manually Enter any info like Item Number, etc.
  • Sniping History Page for Pending, Won & Lost Snipes.
  • One-Click Saved Searches – Remembers All Filters, Restrictions, and Additions for Future Searches of the Exact Same Item.
  • SUPER FAST! No Ads, Suggestions, or Any Other Fluff that slows down page loading – You See ONLY What You Need.
  • Works on ALL Major Internet Browsers, PC’s and Mobile Devices.
  • 100% Web Based – Nothing to Download.
  • Complete Set of Quick and Detailed Instructional Videos.
  • Too Much More to List – Go See HERE and USE IT NOW!

Your ebook will be delivered to you instantly from a webpage. When the sale is completed you will be taken to the page for instructions and easy downloading of the ebook. You can read it directly on your computer and you can also print this book. This book will work on all computers.

This ebook is in .pdf format which uses Adobe Acrobat. If you do not already have this program you can download it FREE and easily from this site

Thanks for reading until next time -MrDavinci

Click Here To Get Your Version For Less Than An Dinner Reservation ➡ http://bit.ly/2h4pr1W

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