Eat Shit To Get To The Next Level (Click here to watch the video version)
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  • Wassup World, MrDavinci checking in its a pleasure to be here. I know you feel the same if your new to my blog post welcome to my page here I will be providing my expertise in what has made me an online income & entrepreneur/infoprenuership.

  • Today’s blog is going about eating Shit to get to the next level. Let me clarify what I mean I do not by any means mean for you to eat Shit that comes out your asshole. What I do mean is you have to fight the obstacle of your current situation.
  • Let’s say your at work you necessarily do not hate your job but you’re not happy with it either. Your boss is an asshole giving commands not following protocols does not open an ear to suggestions. To Get a better opportunity for yourself you will have go out & apply yourself. 
  • You will have to go out & find means to make a second suitable outcome by on or offline. You will also have to find a new job but not only a new job you will have to find a better job that fits your expensive lifestyle. We all have our habits that we need $$$ to take care of those so make sure your next job will be a happier job for you emotionally. We can always find a higher paying job then what we are currently making but if we are not happy what’s the point?
  • Besides the facts of bills,expensive,cars,etc. Stay focused on where you want to be remember the more effort you put in builds more opportunities for your journey to the next level. So today’s blog covered a lot of value about eating Shit to get to the next level. For those of you who wants to hear the shorter version of what I said click the link below I made a YouTube video explaining a good majority of what was written above(make sure to like the video & subscribe) 
  • That’s all for today thanks for letting me be apart of your day have a great day I will see you in the next blog. -MrDavinci 
  • Click here for the video version (Comment on the video & make sure to subscribe)
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