How To Not Give Up

Wassup World,

  1. Mr.Davinci here and today I wanted to talk about “How to not give up” When you think about giving up what are some thoughts that come to mind? Quitting, It’s To Hard, Failing, It’s Not Meant For Me, ETC those are just a few phrases that get tossed around when people decide that they are going go give up. Anyways let’s begin now “How to not give up” let’s flip that into a positive perspective. A few ways I focus on not giving up is by number 1 Determination. Determination is a strong skill that I posses it keeps aligned with my tasks at hand as well as the goal I’m looking to accomplish. Number 2 is Motivation. A lot of people have the determination to succeed on whatever endeavor they are currently working on but like many other people starting out they will find a lack of results(It is possible that you will gain results by finding a mentor, experience and failing I will cover that shortly) which will in time effect their motivation and motives. Which brings up the next subject how do I stay motivated? The Key to motivation(at least from my point of view is) Goal setting & getting disturbed. Let’s start with being disturbed. Some of you may being wondering how being disturbed will help you stay motivated let me explain. Once you’ve hit the point of being disturbed you come down to 3 choices Deal With It, Giving in(Giving Up) & Lastly Change. When you decide to deal with your situation you are instantly admitting to yourself that I will accept what I’m currently going through and there’s nothing I can do about it I will wait until the situation changes on its own to make my next decision. That is not the right mindset to have because you are allowing another person to be in control of your situation. Let’s talk about Giving in(Giving up) the best way I can put this to you is basically what the term saying I give up means is I can not do this it’s to hard and I will let life and bad karma continue to beat me up because I won’t stand up to the challenges in my life at this moment of time. This would be the worst alternative options to choose I want you to as you’re reading this imagine yourself 10-15 years Let’s say that you never took that chance to change your life, you never took the chance to get the girl you love(as you watch them end up in the hands of an asshole that you and your crush both know they shouldn’t be with) you never took the chance to chase your dreams and you continue to work your current job( *Note if you are content and happy with your job then more power to you) what that will all lead to down the road is regret. Regret is the feeling of knowing that I could have made a change in my life and things wouldn’t be the way they are now if I just would have took a chance maybe things would not have ended up the way they are now. If you need more examples of regret go to a retirement home and chat with a few residents that have been there for a while or next time you are out and about go chat with some less fortunate people who are living in the streets,parks,under a bridge etc. To be clear I’m not knocking those people we have no idea what they went through to lead them to that point in their life’s. Let’s end regret on this note you can lie to your friends,family,job,the internet etc but you can never lie to the person in the mirror. Everyday you have to look into the mirror and accept the terms and conditions of your life wether they be good or bad and spend a lifetime enduring it. Now just like anything else it can be changed for better or worse. Which brings up the next discussion Change. Change can be the most beautiful scariest moment of your life. Change gives you the opportunity to try something new redirect your current course to set a new pathway for us to travel down as human beings. As yin & yang change also has its bad sides as well including the mystery of the unknown. Change as it can often be for the better can be for the worse as well because we don’t know what laying on the other side soon as we cross over. That is the beauty of change the elegance of a new beginning. Day by day we make changes to our paradigm (sub conscious) and it affects our daily habits sometimes without us even knowing it. The Key to having change for the better is your mindset. A positive mental attitude will allow you to see yourself & the world in a new bright light of aspirations. What matters is having the courage to seek change obtain change and using change as your platform for a chance of your lifestyle. We’ve covered alot today so I will end on this last subject failure. Failure is the key to coming out of your comfort zone. Let me explain with failure you gain experience and know how of what works and what does not work. By failing does not mean you have not succeeded it means that you have found 1 way that will not work and have 1,000 more that will. You know the old saying when one door closes one thousand more open up. Don’t not be a narcissist be an opportunist embrace learn adjust to strategize a way that will work. I hope you’ve gotten a lot of great advice today. I know we covered a lot but I wanted to really give you an understanding of “How to not give up” & the effects of “Giving Up”. I enjoyed writing this post today if you gotten all the way down to the bottom thank you so much. Leave me a comment below about your suggestions of not giving up on what matters most to you. Also if this post inspired you or you gotten any good tips from this share with your friends or social media outlets let’s help make the world better. A smile a day spreads love throughout the world.

See you in the next blog.



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