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As we ALL know email marketing is a crucial importance to not only your business but every business. Having the ability to reach out to your subscribers at a moment’s notice is not only helpful but beneficial. The question is everyone throughout the day checks their email but not everyone knows how to go about sending an email to their subscribers in a proper manner which correlates to you’re niche. 
I want to assist those in help of building an email list I will put together an 1K email list for $30 around your niche to get you started. It will only take me 24-48 hours if not sooner to get back to you. I have implemented email marketing into my own business & let me tell you it’s been very effective. I accept PayPal payments.
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I look forward to helping your brand and business grow. If your not interested thanks for taking time out to read anyway.
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Patients Is Your Friend 

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MrDavinci here today’s post is going to be about why patients is another key to your journey. Wether it be for business or self development we are embarked on a journey. That journey will take us places more challenging than what we have faced before. It takes us to the  place of enough is enough I’m stronger then my problems. The reward is well worth the trials and tribulations that lie ahead for the journey. What we become from this experience is a lifetime of beneficial assets. This is the grind it does not come all at one time but in chunks of time diverted from opportunities. Patients is your friend you can learn as you grow do not go through life go through life.

Thanks for tuning into another blog post I always appreciate everyone who reads these.  Comment below what patients has taught you throughout the journey you are currently facing. 

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Dedication & Staying Focused 

Wassup World MrDavinci here as always thanks for tuning in its greatly appreciated. So I want to tell you a story before I begin my rambling. In November 2016 I decided that I would no longer depend on the 1 check that I was receiving from my job. That I would make a way to get a second income stream . So to make a long story short I created my own e-commerce store the GVOStore.(www.gvostore.myshopify.com) For the last 7 months I did not make a sale. Still I did not give up I even hired some employees a few did not work out so as an business would do I let them go. During this time I evaluated myself on a weekly basis trying to figure out what I was doing wrong. I failed & failed and failed and failed weeks started flying by yet I was still spending money to keep my store alive because I believed in myself and knew that I Could do this.  It got so bad to the point that my store got closed down for 2 months straight (www gvostore.myshopify.com)Until one day it hit me like a ton of bricks fell on me my products sucked and my marketing was terrible. Realizing the mistakes I removed all of my products and add everything new it took me weeks. After I hit rock bottom I made a promise to myself that I would give more value to people and in return I started making sales. Sales started piling in non stop to this day I’m still making sales as you read this now(thank god). I’ve always believed in myself no matter the odds I’m put against with God on my side I can accomplish anything. So that’s the story for today I hoped you gained value,motivation, & inspiration to continue on your path to success. The best advice I can give you is to take action write down your results give a 2-4 week period if your not moving forward start adjusting fail then repeat all over until you figure out what works best for you. Thank you for reading if you got all the way down to the end I would like to reward you with a 10% off discount for any product in my store it is for one time use so use it wisely at my store http://www.gvostore.myshopify.com

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GVOStore Power Points Program 

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Good Day World, MrDavinci with the latest information about my store. I’m not trying to sell you anything but I’m opening you up to an opportunity that you may not be aware off.
In celebration of the Gvostore’s return 😻🎉🎊 we wanted to thank each & everyone one of you for your support. So to that we have created a rewards account for all of you. There’s no limit to the amount of points that you can earn for example just by signing up you instantly earn 200 points. 500 points is $5 dollars off ANY product in the GVOStore 1,000 points is $10 off and like we said there’s no limit to the amount of points you can have so the sky’s the limit! 💯 Now your probably wondering how can YOU start earning points? You can earn 50 points by 1 see an item that catches your attention tag your friends & family & gain 50 points the more individual posts you make tagging the more points you will earn. 2. Are you on social media of course you are(how else would you be reading this post 😁) and so are we tag @gvostore on Facebook,Twitter(@gvostoremedia) , instagram(@gvostore) sharing one or two or three products to your timeline & gain 50 points. The possibilities are endless. So what are you waiting for click the link below 👇 create a store account begin browsing through our product collection of over 425+ products start sharing them on social media & begin the quest for power points. Thanks for letting us be apart of your day we will see you on the other side.-GVOStore


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Eat Shit To Get To The Next Level 

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  • Wassup World, MrDavinci checking in its a pleasure to be here. I know you feel the same if your new to my blog post welcome to my page here I will be providing my expertise in what has made me an online income & entrepreneur/infoprenuership.

  • Today’s blog is going about eating Shit to get to the next level. Let me clarify what I mean I do not by any means mean for you to eat Shit that comes out your asshole. What I do mean is you have to fight the obstacle of your current situation.
  • Let’s say your at work you necessarily do not hate your job but you’re not happy with it either. Your boss is an asshole giving commands not following protocols does not open an ear to suggestions. To Get a better opportunity for yourself you will have go out & apply yourself. 
  • You will have to go out & find means to make a second suitable outcome by on or offline. You will also have to find a new job but not only a new job you will have to find a better job that fits your expensive lifestyle. We all have our habits that we need $$$ to take care of those so make sure your next job will be a happier job for you emotionally. We can always find a higher paying job then what we are currently making but if we are not happy what’s the point?
  • Besides the facts of bills,expensive,cars,etc. Stay focused on where you want to be remember the more effort you put in builds more opportunities for your journey to the next level. So today’s blog covered a lot of value about eating Shit to get to the next level. For those of you who wants to hear the shorter version of what I said click the link below I made a YouTube video explaining a good majority of what was written above(make sure to like the video & subscribe) 
  • That’s all for today thanks for letting me be apart of your day have a great day I will see you in the next blog. -MrDavinci 
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  • 2017 Exercise WeightLoss/ Get Fit Challenge 

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    Wassup Davinci MasterMind,

    Today’s blog is about Exercise. Today I shot a new video on youtube click here to view it. In today’s footage I discussed the importance of daily exercise for a strong mental mindset. Exercise is a key fundamental for your success.So click on the video above & below I will chat with you on the other side have a great day. 

    P.S. Remember when my body’s in shape my mind is straight.


    2017 Goal Challenge

    Wassup World,

     MrDavinci checking in Live & Loaded I’m here today to talk about “Goals” WE all have  goals that we want to accomplish and complete. A few of my own personal goals is building upon my social media profiles(Facebook,Twitter,YouTube,Instagram,Google Plus,Pintrest,Reddit, ETC) I want to further my growth and connect with more likeminded people who want to make a passive income online and give value to the knowledge that they possess with in themselves. So alot of people start out with the willingness to get started but along the path end up getting distracted. For many of us that can be for many different reasons parents,kids,tv,pets,facebook the list could go on. What we forget to do is take time out for ourselves to focus on the development to a higher level of our humanity. That’s were goals come into play by setting goals we are able to focus on tasks that we feel will elevate our current stature. My best suggestion for setting & accomplishing these goals are by ……..(drum roll)…..writing them down. By writing down our goals we are giving a self reminder to ourselves every time we look at that paper. Once a goals has been completed we can cross it out or scratch a line through it showing recognition and a boost of confidence. Versus keeping a goal in our head where we face so many different outcomes throughout our day it could be easily forgotten. So let’s end it here below in the comment section I want you to comment 5 goals that you can and will accomplish before the end of 2017. To make it even more memorable take a screenshot in 2018 we will review this post a year later seeing how many of us accomplished wether it be all 5(100%) or 1(20%) goal. The point is to get started taking action the more procrastination we allow the harder it is to get to where we should be. 

    That’s all for today as always leave a like if you learned or was motivated towards seeing through your goals. 

    Thanks for reading I will see you in the next post.


    Start Making Money Online Today & How To Get Started.

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    Today’s the day we rise. Today is the day we take action.Enjoy Today it will become tomorrow’s yesterday. Today was a good day firstly thanks for reading and welcome to my page. My name is MrDavinci and today we will be coverings everyones 2 favorite questions. How To Start Making Money Online? & How To Get Started? I will cover tactic I reccomend  to take action alot of people are stuck and unsure of what to do. The Internet is a “noisey” place with voices coming at you every direction with tons of suggestions. So here’s my recommendation I suggest you follow what your good at a lot of people say to follow you’re passion and I agree but at the same time I also belive that you should follow the skills that you already use on a daily basis. Let’s say for an example you are really good at conversations you have the infamous”death stare” controlling the conversatiom while being open to impact every person you connect with? Why not be a motivational speaker? Intrested in sports? you can make  a video channel on youtube about the hottest sports teams and give your take on your favorite team and connect with others just like YOU. In then there are other ways like blogging (Example the one your reading now 😆) you can create a blog and build your list with information on various topics giving vaule. Let’s say you want to start making money online I’m not going to tell you to sign up for surveys because let’s be honest fuck that it takes 20-40 mins and pays little to nothing unless you do tons of surveys 15-30 daily or have an account on numerous survey websites at least 10 at the most and posts 5 surveys on each site. I reccomend going into affliate marketing that’s what I’m currently doing with other activities (Affliate Marketing, Consulting,Eccomerce,Email Marketing, Social Media marketing ETC) So as a way to give back to you(Thanks for reading all this I really appreciate this 👌) I will provide you with a few links below to get you started.

    .Disclaimer some links are Affliate links and I will receive a commission 

    I want us ALL to win and succeed to live the life we deserve. That’s all for today I will see you in the next blog. 

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    How To Not Give Up

    Wassup World,

    1. Mr.Davinci here and today I wanted to talk about “How to not give up” When you think about giving up what are some thoughts that come to mind? Quitting, It’s To Hard, Failing, It’s Not Meant For Me, ETC those are just a few phrases that get tossed around when people decide that they are going go give up. Anyways let’s begin now “How to not give up” let’s flip that into a positive perspective. A few ways I focus on not giving up is by number 1 Determination. Determination is a strong skill that I posses it keeps aligned with my tasks at hand as well as the goal I’m looking to accomplish. Number 2 is Motivation. A lot of people have the determination to succeed on whatever endeavor they are currently working on but like many other people starting out they will find a lack of results(It is possible that you will gain results by finding a mentor, experience and failing I will cover that shortly) which will in time effect their motivation and motives. Which brings up the next subject how do I stay motivated? The Key to motivation(at least from my point of view is) Goal setting & getting disturbed. Let’s start with being disturbed. Some of you may being wondering how being disturbed will help you stay motivated let me explain. Once you’ve hit the point of being disturbed you come down to 3 choices Deal With It, Giving in(Giving Up) & Lastly Change. When you decide to deal with your situation you are instantly admitting to yourself that I will accept what I’m currently going through and there’s nothing I can do about it I will wait until the situation changes on its own to make my next decision. That is not the right mindset to have because you are allowing another person to be in control of your situation. Let’s talk about Giving in(Giving up) the best way I can put this to you is basically what the term saying I give up means is I can not do this it’s to hard and I will let life and bad karma continue to beat me up because I won’t stand up to the challenges in my life at this moment of time. This would be the worst alternative options to choose I want you to as you’re reading this imagine yourself 10-15 years from.now. Let’s say that you never took that chance to change your life, you never took the chance to get the girl you love(as you watch them end up in the hands of an asshole that you and your crush both know they shouldn’t be with) you never took the chance to chase your dreams and you continue to work your current job( *Note if you are content and happy with your job then more power to you) what that will all lead to down the road is regret. Regret is the feeling of knowing that I could have made a change in my life and things wouldn’t be the way they are now if I just would have took a chance maybe things would not have ended up the way they are now. If you need more examples of regret go to a retirement home and chat with a few residents that have been there for a while or next time you are out and about go chat with some less fortunate people who are living in the streets,parks,under a bridge etc. To be clear I’m not knocking those people we have no idea what they went through to lead them to that point in their life’s. Let’s end regret on this note you can lie to your friends,family,job,the internet etc but you can never lie to the person in the mirror. Everyday you have to look into the mirror and accept the terms and conditions of your life wether they be good or bad and spend a lifetime enduring it. Now just like anything else it can be changed for better or worse. Which brings up the next discussion Change. Change can be the most beautiful scariest moment of your life. Change gives you the opportunity to try something new redirect your current course to set a new pathway for us to travel down as human beings. As yin & yang change also has its bad sides as well including the mystery of the unknown. Change as it can often be for the better can be for the worse as well because we don’t know what laying on the other side soon as we cross over. That is the beauty of change the elegance of a new beginning. Day by day we make changes to our paradigm (sub conscious) and it affects our daily habits sometimes without us even knowing it. The Key to having change for the better is your mindset. A positive mental attitude will allow you to see yourself & the world in a new bright light of aspirations. What matters is having the courage to seek change obtain change and using change as your platform for a chance of your lifestyle. We’ve covered alot today so I will end on this last subject failure. Failure is the key to coming out of your comfort zone. Let me explain with failure you gain experience and know how of what works and what does not work. By failing does not mean you have not succeeded it means that you have found 1 way that will not work and have 1,000 more that will. You know the old saying when one door closes one thousand more open up. Don’t not be a narcissist be an opportunist embrace learn adjust to strategize a way that will work. I hope you’ve gotten a lot of great advice today. I know we covered a lot but I wanted to really give you an understanding of “How to not give up” & the effects of “Giving Up”. I enjoyed writing this post today if you gotten all the way down to the bottom thank you so much. Leave me a comment below about your suggestions of not giving up on what matters most to you. Also if this post inspired you or you gotten any good tips from this share with your friends or social media outlets let’s help make the world better. A smile a day spreads love throughout the world.

    See you in the next blog.


    1 Million Play’s On Soundcloud!

    So today I hit a new accolade & I wanted to share it with everyone. Like I explained before beside being a entrepreneur I’m also a musician. Today makes history as I hit my first 1,000,000 + plays on my soundcloud (which I will leave a link to below for those of you interested in hearing my music) so I wanted to say that I’m thankful to god my team SupremeGang & everyone who constantly listens & supports my music constantly. You guys are the real mvp let’s continue to make this a year of accomplishing goals and turning dreams into a reality. Thanks for reading Thanks for listening to my music I  will see you on the next post.-BernardoDavinci

    Link to my music 

    Soundcloud http://www.soundcloud.com/bernardodavincimusic 

    YouTube http://www.youtube.com/bernardodavincitse